The Solution

Government can take a cue from Major League Baseball and Billy Beane, the legendary general manager of the Oakland Athletics who forever changed baseball by using data and statistics to overcome a tremendous financial disadvantage. Government can drive public resources to programs that demonstrate success, and away from those that fail – in short, government can play Moneyball!

Today, we know more about what works for young people, their families and communities than ever before, but too often, government doesn’t use that information to make good spending decisions. In order to have an impact on long-term challenges, more must be done to drive resources toward high-impact solutions that get results. Over the last several years, local, state and federal elected officials, along with many in the nonprofit and business communities, have taken critical first steps to ensure that taxpayer dollars are invested in solutions that use evidence and data to demonstrate better results – but more must be done.

Like Billy Beane and his Oakland A’s, America can use this time of fiscal scarcity to focus on what works in order to get better results. We need to be spending our money on the most effective and efficient solutions to strengthen our nation’s competitiveness. Together we can bring Moneyball to government and get better Results for America.

What does a “Moneyball” Government Do?

Governments that use the Moneyball approach:

  • Focus on outcomes and lives changed, rather than simply compliance and numbers served;
  • Drive limited taxpayer dollars to solutions that use evidence and data to get better results;
  • Use data and evidence to continuously improve quality and impact, while also reducing duplication and cutting red tape that can strangle new ideas;
  • Invest in and scale innovations that will make greater, faster progress on challenges facing young people, families and their communities;
  • Direct public dollars away from policies, practices and programs that don’t work ; and
  •  Invest in communities that are collaborating and using data and evidence to achieve significant community-wide impact.

View the Moneyball for Government Fact Sheet