Continuous Learning Is Key to Achieving Better Outcomes

By Kirsten Lodal, CEO and Co-Founder, LIFT, and Dan Cardinali, President, Communities in Schools

To address complex social challenges, we need to figure out what works. Collecting evidence, however, is only part of the challenge. There needs to be a process of continuous learning over time of what works, for whom, and under what circumstances – and then using that information to deliver better results.

Reams of number-filled spreadsheets won’t automatically lead to improved outcomes for young people, their families and communities. Rather, non-profit leaders and elected officials at all levels of government should use data, evidence and evaluation to continue building evidence of effectiveness. But, evidence shouldn’t only be used as an on/off switch – as a way to decide keep or end programs – evidence should be used to deliver better results.

Our organizations are striving to build evidence and invest in what works. A brand new video by Results for America highlights how we, and others, have used individualized continuous learning processes to improve outcomes.

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