Harvard Salutes Kansas City’s Data-Based Approach

Mayor James also named to Moneyball for Government All-Star Team

Kansas City, Missouri, has been recognized as a national leader among cities who are using data to improve the lives of residents and to foster innovative ideas and initiatives. Two recent accolades have recognized Kansas City’s strategic use of City data:

  • The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, recently recognized Kansas City’s use of citizen survey data as part of the 2015 Bright Ideas program.
  • Results for America, a national organization committed to municipal governance driven by data and results, has added Mayor Sly James to its Moneyball for Government All-Star Team.

The honors have recognized Kansas City’s use of data to improve City services and enhance the lives of residents through the use of KCStat and the City’s Open Data portal.

“Kansas City’s data-driven technology and customer service initiatives are a catalyst for connecting communities and fostering economic development,” said Kansas City Mayor, Sly James. “These honors illustrate our commitment to using data and resident engagement to better serve the residents of Kansas City.”

KCStat focuses on monitoring the City’s progress toward its annually updated Five-Year Citywide Business Plan. Each month, James and City Manager Troy Schulte review data on one of the goal areas and assess progress on the individual objectives and overall goal. As part of the KCStat program, department leaders participate in regularly scheduled public meetings with the Mayor and City Manager, and answer questions from the public who interact via livestream, social media, and in-person attendance.

Kansas City’s Open Data portal enables better organizational efficiency in city government and provides transparency into government operations to all citizens. The portal also allows civic entrepreneurs to more easily build technological solutions to improve City services.

“Beyond city elected and appointed leaders, we know city staff members at many levels are focused on customer-centric results because of KCStat and with help from OpenData,” James said. “These tools ensure that City leadership remain on track strategically and staff members stay focused on customer-centric results tactically.”

Note to editors and reporters: More information is available on these websites:

KCStat: https://kcstat.kcmo.org/

OpenData KC: https://data.kcmo.org/

Moneyball for Government: https://moneyballforgov.com/

Bright Ideas Program: http://www.innovations.harvard.edu/awards-programs/bright-ideas

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