Michael Gerson on transforming foreign assistance with evidence

By Michael Gerson

Given the essential role of U.S. aid in addressing the crisis in Syria and other conflict zones, it is more important than ever that we come together around a bipartisan vision for foreign assistance. That is why I am pleased to have joined with former USAID Administrator Raj Shah in writing a new chapterfor the second edition of the national best-selling book, Moneyball for Government. Our chapter, titled “Foreign Assistance and the Revolution of Rigor,” provides a bipartisan roadmap for result-oriented foreign assistance.

Despite our differences on a range of ideological issues, our experience working in Republican and Democratic administrations has led us to several shared convictions:

  • We believe foreign assistance should be measured in lives changed, not dollars distributed.
  • We believe making friends with other countries should be the by-product of a really good aid program rather than the mission itself.
  • And we believe evidence and data should drive policy and practice.

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