Pi Day equation for politicians: Big data helps you make better decisions | Opinion

By Paul Decker-

Today math — and dessert — lovers will revel in Pi Day celebrations across the country, vying to recite the most digits, do their best impressions of birthday boy Albert Einstein and bake the most delicious pies.

Nearly 30 years since it was founded at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, Pi Day has become a joyous national symbol of the importance of math, science and education. But as much fun as it is, Pi Day also offers an opportunity for serious reflection upon the power of numbers and data — and why they must be embraced by more policymakers in making decisions that affect us today and in the future.

In today’s age of Big Data, Americans can access and assess current, relevant information in unprecedented ways to help us make sound decisions in so many aspects of our lives. We need those in charge of public programs to do the same.


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